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Overall, A Superb Job Done

Overall, a superb job is done by very capable people. Would recommend Home Energy to anyone interested in a solar installation without reservations.

Workable With Difficult Schedule

The project was not completed as scheduled due to errors by the township inspectors. Installers had to overcome many problems due to these errors.

They Worked With Me

They worked with me to get the system engineered & help with getting the electrical inspector informed on the PV system to help to get the permit issued.

Purchase Incentives

Purchase incentives were State and Federal tax adjustments which occur after the installation is complete.

Good Experience

With no prior experience, I have nothing to compare this experience to, but it seemed to go pretty much as planned. I appreciated the respect shown to me throughout the process. I never felt like I was ignored, patronized, etc. as a woman who didn’t know anything about it but rather was treated as a …

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This was a very straightforward operation. We were disappointed with how long our electric company (NIPSCO) took to get us hooked up for net metering.

Excellent Work & Customer Service

Worked with me to decide what type & size of the solar system we needed. Grid-tied with off-grid capability. They took care of all permits & legal issues. Quick, efficient & professional installation. Follow-up customer service is well above the usual – answers questions quickly and knowledgeably. Very pleased with our system and service. I …

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Nice Guys!

Nice guys with answers. I got a Midnight Classic 150 Charge Controller for about the same as online pricing and they had it in stock. They also could answer my questions.

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