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I am Very Glad I Chose Photon Electric

It was scary! The thermometer in the car said -14. I was one-half of a mile from home, just shy of the intersection around the corner from home. A buggy was stuck in the drift. I parked the car in a bare spot and helped push the buggy free. The wind was howling, my hands felt like ice under the ski gloves. Back in the car, now -15, I managed to turn the car around in the bare spot and proceeded to go back, hoping the intersection a mile east would not be drifted shut. The drifts on the next road were bad, but passable, barely. It was almost dark and 16 below. I made it home and loaded my outdoor wood boiler in coveralls, literally crawling through a snowdrift, dragging wood with me. Seventeen below and the wind continued to howl. It was twenty below at midnight when the power went out!

As a single man, I would not be too scared, but I had a wife, 3 kids, and at the time, a new baby on the way! Also, the thought of our new wood boiler freezing up was a nightmare. The house was losing temperature fast, but fortunately, our REMC had the power restored within two hours, which is amazing in such dangerous conditions. I made a decision that night. We needed a backup plan.

After saving up some money, I talked to the gentlemen at Photon Electric. I told them, in the event of a power outage, I want enough backup power to run the boiler, the furnace fan, and to flush the toilets. I have to say, I was quite impressed with the efficiency of their work as well as the product. A week after the installation, our power company alerted us regarding a two-hour power outage for the maintenance to the neighborhood lines, to take place at 9 the next morning. The next day, working on the computer, I asked the wife if it was 9 yet. She said 5 after. Was the power out? Yes, but we could not tell, the computer screen never even blinked!

One other thing I asked of Photon Electric, was that during normal days without a power outage, how do we harness the juice the panels take in. It’s called back-feeding. All extra power goes to the grid, to be stored for later use. The result? Our electric bill went from $116 to $72. But to work this out not only requires expertise with the equipment but also knowledge of local codes, which differ amongst counties as well. This was too big of an investment to trust to beginners, and I am very glad I chose Photon Electric. At the writing of this testimonial, Wayne & Henry have a combined experience of 16 years, and it shows!

* Update 12-3-2016. I wrote this testimonial a year ago, and am still enjoying the peace of mind. To do it over, I would not change a thing!

Captain Jack

Absolutely Great To Work With.

Absolutely great to work with. Calls and text messages were quickly responded to.

Anonymous User

Overall, A Superb Job Done

Overall, a superb job is done by very capable people. Would recommend Home Energy to anyone interested in a solar installation without reservations.

Anonymous User

Workable With Difficult Schedule

The project was not completed as scheduled due to errors by the township inspectors. Installers had to overcome many problems due to these errors.

Anonymous User

They Worked With Me

They worked with me to get the system engineered & help with getting the electrical inspector informed on the PV system to help to get the permit issued.

Anonymous User

Nice Job, Courteous And Respectful

Nice job, courteous and respectful employees

Anonymous User

We Are Very Pleased

We are very pleased with the installation of our PV system. Everyone from Home Energy LLC did a great job for us by explaining options, pricing, payback opportunities, installation, and setup. We are delighted with the results and get a lot of questions from people who have seen our system. We are happy to recommend Home Energy LLC to people.
We will take advantage of the 30% income tax rebate. Home Energy did help set up the Solar Renewable Energy Credit program for us.

Anonymous User

Purchase Incentives

Purchase incentives were State and Federal tax adjustments which occur after the installation is complete.

Anonymous User

Good Experience

With no prior experience, I have nothing to compare this experience to, but it seemed to go pretty much as planned. I appreciated the respect shown to me throughout the process. I never felt like I was ignored, patronized, etc. as a woman who didn’t know anything about it but rather was treated as a revered customer.

Anonymous User


This was a very straightforward operation. We were disappointed with how long our electric company (NIPSCO) took to get us hooked up for net metering.

Anonymous User

Great People

Great people and a great company. They guided me every step of the way and I am very satisfied with the production of the system. Most importantly they did not oversell the system and it is operating at a rate 40% higher than anticipated.
The energy grant we applied for was essential to the completion of the project. My contractor provided the technical assistance I needed to complete the application. Pricing continues to be a major issue. The costs for these systems need to get down to a 15-year pay-off to be economically viable. The grant coupled with the federal tax credit allows me to reach that mark. Without a grant then the projects become very problematic with just a tax credit given the current price structure and incentives from our local electric supplier.

Anonymous User

Excellent Work & Customer Service

Worked with me to decide what type & size of the solar system we needed. Grid-tied with off-grid capability. They took care of all permits & legal issues. Quick, efficient & professional installation. Follow-up customer service is well above the usual – answers questions quickly and knowledgeably. Very pleased with our system and service. I would highly recommend Photon Electric!


Nice Guys!

Nice guys with answers. I got a Midnight Classic 150 Charge Controller for about the same as online pricing and they had it in stock. They also could answer my questions.

Google User

I Would Not Change A Thing!

Photon Electric LLC helped drop my electric bill from $116.00 to $72.00 a month with a process called “back-feeding.” Solar panels and electrical investments are too large to have a beginner complete. Henry and Wayne have a combined 16 years experience in the field and it shows!” * Update 12-3-2016. I wrote this testimonial a year ago, and am still enjoying the peace of mind. To do it over, I would not change a thing!

Dean Speicher

Thank You!

Our power went out on Saturday for 3 hours while my wife was home alone. As designed, the Outback inverters switched over silently and seamlessly to keep everything important running. Once the power came back on they immediately began charging the batteries. What a huge blessing compared to doing without or rolling out the generator. Thanks for helping make this happen. Your knowledge and service are above and beyond!

Daniel Hayes

So Far, So Good

Photon Electric installed a solar power system in our rural Michigan cabin recently. Thus far, it has been great. The technicians were efficient and focused. The system itself has operated well. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality off-grid system. One weakness I would mention is the lack of orientation training for first-time solar electric customers. It might help if the company had prepared training materials or orientation sessions for new customers. Overall, we are pleased with this company, its service, and its products.

Hoosier Treehugger

Very Pleased Solar Customer

I am very pleased with my solar system. It runs my whole shop and since the installation in 2015, I have had zero issues. The people at Photon Electric are professionals and I would highly recommend them.

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